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Maamei (麻美 (マーメイ) , Māmei?) is the eldest child and only daughter of Gaoshun, and the older sister of Baryou and Basen. She is a minor character in The Apothecary Diaries.


Maamei looks very similar to her mother Taomei. Jinshi describes her as "tall and beautiful with a hard look in her eyes."[1]


Maamei's personality resembles that of her mother's in that she is very strong-willed and intimidating. She does not hesitate to look down on Gaoshun and dominates her husband as well. Neither of her younger siblings are able to stand up to her.


Maamei is the eldest child of Gaoshun and Taomei. Her brother Baryou was born one year after, then Basen the following year.

In her youth, Maamei looked after Basen. During a tantrum caused by Basen frustrated at his mother's lack of availability when he was six years old, he broke Maamei's arm, which caused them to live separately from each other onward.[2]

When she was eight years old, Maamei announced that she would marry her now husband, which happened eight years later.[3]

Maamei served as Jinshi's assistant in easing his workload, including bargaining with Lakan to do work that was originally his, in exchange for a better Go tournament venue.


Politics: Maamei understands people and the workings of the Imperial Court well enough that she can draw "cards" to play against them.


  • She and her husband have two children.[1]
  • She and her mother look after Baryou and Chue's child.[4]


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